On the official web-site of Ferrari can be seen the first pictures of the new car which will be launched at the coming Geneva Auto Show. It’s name is FF meaning Ferrari Four, standing for Four places, Four Wheel Drive.  It’s such an innovative car being the first with four wheel drive and representing  a new sportive GT both in its Pininfarina design and in its performances.
Ferrari’s patented 4WD system guarantees record performances on any type of surface and in any weather condition and is equipped with a completely new braking system. It reaches 660 Hp at 8000 rpm and its new injection engine can reach 0-100 in 3,7 seconds.
The FF is very comfortable, it’s finishing is very elegant, its upholstery is made in a completely new type of leather.
Instead of saying it’s an evolution, we’d better say it’s a real “revolution”.