Maybe not everybody knows what SUV means and we want to explain it : SUV means Sport Utility Vehicle and identifies a particular kind of vehicles practically higher and with  integral traction.

Practically, when you mention a SUV you think immediately at a very big car, high and similar to a jeep. Nothing is more far than what really a sport or supersport car is.

Well then, re-examine your ideas on the SUV and sport cars since the factory Lamborghini in S.Agata Bolognese  wants to delight us with a new surprise: in 2012 the Lamborghini LM00X will enter in the field of the SUV and will have as basic platform that one of Audi Q5.

According to the Bulls Production the Lamborghini LM00X will have to refill the empty place  left by LM002

The front part having a shark shape  immediately makes us understand that it will not have the conventional design of a SUV but will bring up to our mind the aggressive look of the Gallardo and Murcielago.

Well, we can say that, thanks to the really new Aventador whill will replace the Murcielago and this new and aggressive SUV, lamborghini brings to birth really extraordinary vehicles without letting us  regret what it has been left