The “Forbes” newpaper crowned this Region as the world’s best one for the food! One of the specialty of this area, that makes Emilia famous all over the world, is the hand-made pasta. It’s impossibile not to love tagliatelle, tortelloni, gnocchi with tomato sauce or the typical rag├╣ bolognese!

This is not only just a custom, but make pasta at home it’s a passion, a tradition that we have learned in the kitchens of our dearest Grandamas. The “sfogline” (the typical name of the pasta maker, because “sfoglia” is the “paper” of pasta from which the shape of tagliatelle, tortellini, tortelloni is created) will explain you how to make these fantastic dishes, in a kitchen where you can breath the familiar atmosphere, typical of making pasta at home! You will improve your knowledge with classes that last about 3/4 hours… at the end of the lesson, you will of course eat what you have prepared, with some good wine!