The real symbol of the 80s has been, for Ferrari, the F40. Style and performance icon, this car of Maranello looked likes a very sportiv one. From the world competions came from the ultralight materials of the body and chassis: the Ferrai F40 has been the first car in the history built with a series of panels in composit material. But, this has been the alst car presented by Mr. Enzo Ferrari.

The Ferrari F40 became immediately an icon non only in Maranello but all around the motor world: the best for celebrating the 40years of the Red Horse. The success was immediate and all the collectors of the world wanted one of this: at the end, the factory produced 1311 unit.

Some technical details of the F40:

V8 engine 90°
478 horsepower at 7000rpm
577Nm at 4000
1100 kgs of weight
0 to 100 km/h in 4.1 s
324 km/h max speed……

…. and it was the 1987!!!