Ferrari factory tour and visit to the Ferrari Museum

The Ferrari Museums and factory tour are an exciting journey into the world of the Prancing Horse at the Ferrari headquarters, Maranello and Enzo Ferrari birth place in Modena

Ferrari factory Tour by Bus

The Ferrari factory tour by shuttle bus is an interested guided tour, done seating on a small bus which drives you around the “Cittadella” (small city), the local nick-name of the Ferrari Factory Italy. Entering the factory through the original entrance, located in front of the famous Cavallino restaurant, where Enzo Ferrari was used to go with friends, the guide will first show you where the Enzo Ferrari office was and then will guide you around the main departments and buildings of the factory, as the famous Wind Tunnel, built by Renzo Piano, where the aerodynamical parts of the cars are tested, the Development Department, a modern and sophisticated building, the Painting area, the Assembly lines building. The tour finishes at the Fiorano Track, the private circuit, envied by all the pilots of the world: if you are lucky, you will see a Ferrari car during a test! 

Ferrari Factory Tour

Ferrari Museum in Maranello Italy

The Ferrari Museum celebrates the story of the brand and is located in the Ferrari headquarters in Maranello. The visit starts with the “Enzo Ferrari Office” reconstruction and the aluminium shape of one of the first car ever built in Scaglietti workshop, which still produces Ferrari shapes, to arrive to the cars, as the Ferrari 812 Superfast, the F40 and F50. The visit continues through an amazing exhibition of Supercars as the Enzo Ferrari, the La Ferrari, the FXXK Evo and the one-off Ferrari private car, theP80C all customized. The Formula One area is a praise to all the victories, pilots and cars which have made great the F1 team, the Scuderia Ferrari, all around the world. A temporary car exhibition is on the way to the exit, as well as the Ferrari Formula 1 simualtors’ area and the official Ferrari store.

OUR PLUS: VIP experience with personal Ferrari badge, private guided visit of the Ferrari Gallery in Maranello, welcome coffee at the Ferrari Cafeteria, Ferrari publication (on request, extra price). A private Ferrari guide can always be added (extra price).

Ferrari Gallery in Maranello Italy

Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena

The first thing that you will notice is the strange and unique building that holds the Enzo Ferrari Museum: a yellow hood of a car… a Ferrari car of course! The Enzo Ferrari Museum is an extraordinary exhibition of all the cars that have made and are still making great the name of Ferrari in the world. The visit is divided into two different buildings: one is the yellow hood which host today a show dedicated to the Ferrari spirit that pushes towards the future, from the 375MM and the 166MM, the 400 Automatic and the Ferrari F1-68, the 365 GT4 BB and the FXX, to the last “game-change”, the Purosangue; the second one is the original Work Shop of Alfredo, Enzo’s father, where there is the engine exhibition, dedicated to the evolution of the Ferrari engines!  

OUR PLUS: private guided visit of the Museum with an offical Ferrari guide (extra price)

Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena