Ferrari factory tour and visit to the Ferrari Museum

The Ferrari Museums and factory tour are an exciting journey into the world of the Prancing Horse at the Ferrari headquarters, Maranello and Enzo Ferrari birth place in Modena

Ferrari factory Tour by Bus

First of all, we would like to have your attention about the factory tour of Ferrari: only customers can visit the production lines and all the premises, booking the tour with the dealer. So the Ferrari factory tour offered to tourists is an interested guided tour, done seating on a small bus which drives you around the “Cittadella” (small city), the local nick-name of the Ferrari Factory Italy. You will see where Enzo Ferrari’s office were located, entering the original and historical entrance of the Factory, located exactly in front of the famous restaurant “Cavallino” where Enzo Ferrari were used to have a meal with his friends, and the guide will guide you around the main departments and buildings, as the famous Wind Tunnel, built by Renzo Piano, where the aerodynamical parts of the cars are tested, the Development Department, a modern and sophisticated building, the Painting area, the Assembly lines building. The tour finishes at the Fiorano Track, the private circuit, envied by all the pilots of the world: if you are lucky, you will see a Ferrari car during a test! 

Ferrari Factory Tour

Ferrari Gallery in Maranello Italy

The Ferrari Museum celebrates the history of the brand and is located in the Ferrari headquarters in Maranello Italy. You will start from the “Enzo Ferrari Office” reconstruction and the aluminium shape of one of the first car ever built in Scaglietti workshop, which still produces Ferrari shapes, to arrive to the last cars, as the Ferrari 812 Superfast, the FXXK Evo and the Portofino. The visit continues through an amazing exhibition of Hypercars as the Enzo Ferrari, the La Ferrari, the FXXK and the one-off Ferrari private car, all customized. The Formula One room is a praise to all the victories, pilots and cars which have made great the F1 team, the Scuderia Ferrari.

Vip Tour

This a special package that we suggest to our VIP clients: personal Ferrari badge, private guided visit of the Ferrari Gallery in Maranello, coffee and snacks buffet reserved at the Ferrari Cafeteria, the last Ferrari publication generally reserved to owners (service on request, extra price).

Ferrari Gallery in Maranello Italy

Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena

The first thing that you will notice is the strange and unique building that holds the Enzo Ferrari Museum: a yellow hood of a car… a Ferrari car of course! During the visit you will learn more about Enzo Ferrari’s life, the founder, and see few of the most beautiful and winning cars, from the past to the future models as the 250 GTO, the  612 Sessanta, the Ferrari Superamerica, the one-seat and one-off Ferrari Monza SP1. The Enzo Ferrari Museum is an extraordinary exhibition of all the cars that have made and are still making great the name of Ferrari in the world! But the visit doesn’t finish here: next to it, there is the Ferrari Motors Museum, realized into the workshop of Enzo Ferrari’s father. You will discover all the mechanical details and the evolution of the Ferrari engines: 1>6 Cylinders, V8 and V12, the Turbo and the Formula 1 engines. 

Our special options on request: private guided visit of the Ferrari Museums and factory tour by bus on exclusive (suggested for groups min. 8 people).

Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena

Our Ferrari factory tours and Museum visit

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