In 1997 Tony George the owner of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway created the Indy Racing League (IRL) an American-based open-wheel oval racing series. The most famous venue is the annual Indy 500, where cars run for 500 miles on the 2.5 mile Indianapolis Speedway, other formats include: 1.5 Mile Ovals (with up to 24 degree banking), usually called “Speedway” and Mile Ovals, usually called “Short Track”. Some races are scheduled at night, with a light system which covers all track and pit lane. Dallara have been involved with the development of the series from the beginning and have had major success winning the famous Indy 500 race 12 times and the IndyCar championship 13 times since the series started. In 2008 Champ Car and Indy Car merged to form the unified Indy Car Series – to which Dallara exclusively supply all the cars. In 2011 Dallara won the contract to exclusively supply until 2016 an entirely new car with many new features and focussing on new safety measures in order to reduce interlocking and contact between wheels.