Italy is famous all over the world for its hand-made pasta and… not only….

If  you decide to visit the Motorvalley, don’t forget that you are also in the “foodvalley” where you can learn how to prepare the real Bolognese sauce and make, by hand, your tortellini with meat filling, tortelloni  with ricotta filling or cappellacci with pumpkin filling or tagliatelle and…not only, also  real Scaloppine, polpette (meat balls) or “Tirami su”cake and….whatever you want to prepare with your hands..

Mymotorland organizes cooking classes in a welcoming old house in the countryside dating back 1800 and belonging to a Countess  where the hands of our skilled cook will show you how they can give life to the flour and the water  and how to appreciate simple and natural tastes…a way of living where the pleasures of the palate are favoured by a culture that is distinguished by its creativeness and originality.

And whilst he will be enjoying test driving a Lamborghini or a Ferrari, she will enjoy preparing the typical Bolognese specialties and discovering her cooking skills!!