The origins  of Lambrusco, Emilia’s most famous red sparkling wine, date back very long ago. The Latins Virgilio, Catone and Varrone in their works  wrote about the existance of  the  Labrusca viti, a wild vine producing fruits with a sour taste. It is still unknown when they started growing this vine, we know for sure that in 1305 writer Pietro de Crescenzi in his treaty  spoke about that issue and suggested to think about growing that Labrusca vine.
 There are four different types of Lambrusco DOC: the “Lambrusco di Sorbara” which can be red or rosé, dry or mellow, the “Lambrusco rosso Salamino di Santa Croce” which can also be dry or mellow,  the “Lambrusco Reggiano “ which is rosé and mellow or red and dry and the famous “ Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro” which can also be dry or mellow. What these different lambrusco types share is the special aroma and its fresh and fragrant taste.
The lambrusco is the perfect wine you can drink when you taste the Emilia’s food and also when you prepare special dishes like Zampone and cotechino or rice with Lambrusco or pasta with Lambrusco sauce or in the preparation of cocktails mixed with fruits or other alcoholic drinks.
When you drink the Lambrusco wine, you can feel the region Emilia where vine were grown, and you can better understand the simple style of the romanic churches, for instance,  and go beyond  the delicious local food until you get to the elegant glamour of our super sports cars.