Maserati factory tour and Showroom, Panini Maserati Collection visit

We will take you around the productionlines of this authentic italian factory

Maserati Factory tour

The Maserati Headquarter is in Modena and the logo of Maserati is the Trident of Neptune, which is one of the symbol of Bologna, because in the main square there is a fountain dedicated to this God. The Maserati factory tour will guide you in the center of the Italian Motor Valley. 
Maserati cars have always been considered as the most elegant supercars. With the factory tour you will discover how a Maserati car is produced, and how sportivity and elegance are mixed together for realizing one of the most fascinating supersport car of the world. The tour starts into the Showroom, with an introduction to the world of Maserati and its history and then it gets into the assembly lines of the GranCabrio and GranTurismo, and the test areas.

Maserati Factory tour

Panini Motor Museum – Maserati Collection Museum visit

​A vintage cars collection located in a liberty-style building in a farm, realized in years by Umberto Panini, who has bought many models of Maserati cars during an auction in London, for saving them as symbol of the city of Modena. This collection tells you about the centenary history of the “Trident” through 19 special models as Maserati Berlinetta Pinin Farina, the 3500GT, the Eldorado, the Ghibli Coupè and the Bora. But this museum is also an unique collection of vintage bikes, bicycles and other cars which tells you about the history of Italian vehicles. 

Panini Motor Museum - Maserati Collection Museum visit