It may be interesting to know that Lamborghini also makes race cars and all over the world are organised racing days.
Corrida de Lamborghini – 3-day event from September 3rd until September 5th 2010 at the Salzburgring, Austria. For all Lamborghini sports car drivers and race car enthusiasts.
Early morning, September 3rd 2010, the Salzburgring in Austria … the silence is sending shivers through our spine … suddenly we hear a distant roar getting louder with every heartbeat … in a flash it becomes almost deafening and we recognize this brutal sound as the symphony of one of the most legendary V12 engines ever created by mankind … while a stunning Lamborghini thunders by we are left in awe as the beat of the Raging Bull disappears as quickly as it appeared … in a split second the bullfight has begun !
And if you wish to get some adrenaline in your veins, don’t forget that we organise driving esperiences on the Modena race track! And now, get ready for your experience with Mymotorland!