Pagani Huayra

Mercedes-AMG provides the heart for the Huayra. The 60 degree 12 cylinder turbocharged engine with a displacement of 5980 cm3 has been developed not just to meet the strictest technical and quality requirements but also to give the car its many faces.


The calm and harmony of driving one of the world’s most refined GT cars is interrupted when the driver calls upon the Whayra to unleash its 700 horsepower and 1000 Nm torque. The turbos have been studied to offer immediate response to the slightest throttle input, giving the driver full control over the engine at any rpm and preventing unwanted delays in the delivery of power.


The engine’s systems have been designed and tested to stand up to the most adverse conditions of temperature and performance. The Huayra has been subjected to the highs of death valley and the lows of the Arctic Circle.