An island surrounded by a sea with countless changing hues; the most beautiful sea in the mediterranean area.
Evocative landscapes, warm hospitality,culture and genuine flavors in a land full of contrasts. 



A real italian wonder. Unique places, landscapes and food that make this area a destination which tourists cannot miss! Capri  is a synonym of good life; unique in its genre right in the mediterranean sea where colours and fragrances mix up. Ischia is a real volcano island with soothing spas  and which offers the best local cusine.



Harsh territory characterized by rustic landscapes and a glorious crystal clear sea. lecce called the “jewel of baroque” is all carved in stone and it’s considered the florence of the south of italy. Its farms which are famous worldwide are ideal places where to enjoy relaxing and special moments intimately. Many international vips organize their most exclusive parties and gatherings right here.



Naples with its vesuvio volcano, the typical postcard of every journey to italy…

Its museums, the underground city, its street life, its colored markets, the real pizza, its intense cultural activity around a real local treasure: the san carlo theater. Pompei  and ercolano, the two archaeological sites covered by the ashes of the vesuvio; two magnificent cities of the roman empire which tourists cannot miss. Caserta with its reggia (castle)- world heritage of the Unesco- the scenographic main staircase which connects the splendid royal apartments with the masterpieces of the most important artists of the eighteenth century and the garden, unique in its genre.



A natural terrace overlooking the sea framed by the famous greek theater where concerts and high-level cultural events with the etna as a background are held in the summer. Walking in this town with its shops and small restaurants is an evocative experience that makes tourists feel happy and relaxed. syracuse with the famous archaeological remains with the greek theater on top which is still used today for shows. The ancient village on the island of ortigia, where it’s possible to walk calmly through the little lanes. the famous baroque towns, among which noto, modica and sicli, where the buildings and the churches are built with typical pink stones,embellished in a very refined way. Last but not least the southern italian food tradition is worth mentioning here: simple and genuine ingredients to be tasted with the famous sicilian wines.


Lago di Como 

Villas overlooking this wonderful lake in the north of italy  which is only 1 hour far from milan. Enjoy walks  in blossimg gardens among amazing flowers and stunning centuries-old trees, fishermen villages where the best lake tastes meet the valtellina cuisine. luxury stylish hotels where to enjoy your best relaxing moments.



Unesco world heritage, unique city, carved in the tuff, rich in traditions and surrounded by  wonderful landscapes. It’s right here that different films by the most important international directors have been shot.  one among all “the passion of christ” by Mel Gibson.



The capital of Sicily, the norman palaces and the marks of the arabic invasion. Markets full of life, colors, flavors, street food, the beaches of mondello surrounded by a wonderful sea. The magic surroundings like monreale with its enchanting cathedral and cefalu  an ancient village of fishermen on the sea, with its narrow lanes. in a one day -tour it’s possible to reach the archaeological site of sagesta with  its imponent temple -still intact- and the village of erice, jewel on top of a hill that dominates the blue of the Mediterranean Sea, the city of Trapani and the Egadi islands


Terre senesi

…and lots of little villages where to enjoy days full of art, culture in your car: unforgettable landscapes. for your relaxing moments the thermal baths with  hot waters flowing from the Amiata mount. The Bagno Vignone hamlet with the medieval thermal pool that appears in many scenes of the film Nostalghia by Tarkovslij

The above described locations are only some of the destinations you can visit in our country, unique for its beauty, art, food and culture. We can organize customized stayings  and tours.

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