The Expo is not a fair, it’s much more than this! It’s a Universal Exposition that is non-commercial, organized by a competing country that wins the bid to host the fair and involves the participation of other nations invited through its diplomatic channels. It’s important to know that the first Expo was held in London in 1851, and its success prompted other countries to organize similar events such as the Paris Expo in 1889,memorable for its Eiffel Tower. Each Expo is dedicated to a topic of universal interest: the 2015 edition will take place in Milan.
The Expo takes place on a purpose-built site and is an opportunity for participants and visitors
to meet and share in a unique experience, as they get to know and experiment with an innovative
theme. The role of a Universal Exposition, besides showcasing the most promising new
technologies, also looks to interpret the collective challenges that Mankind is facing. The
international body that regulates the frequency, quality and performance of the expositions, Le
Bureau International des Expositions (BIE), was founded under an international convention, signed
in Paris in 1928. Currently over 160 countries are members of the BIE.
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